A HEARTBROKEN family have spoken of their devastation after their house was turned upside down and their late daughter's bedroom trashed in a callous raid.

Parents Fahrah Ali, 34, and Bilal Azeem, 36, have left their daughter Hafsah's bedroom in their house on Woodroyd Terrace, West Bowling, untouched since her tragic death in 2015.

The Bowling Park Primary School pupil was just 11 when her immune system went into overdrive and began attacking her own body.

She was given only seven hours to live when doctors admitted her to Leeds General Infirmary in July 2015, diagnosing her with HLH, hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, a cell-malfunctioning condition that was shutting down her body, but she amazed them by surviving another month.

Doctors tried saving her by treating her with cancer drugs and putting her in a controlled coma, with her parents constantly by her side in an isolation room, but despite their efforts, Hafsah died in the August, leaving her family and all her knew her in deep shock and devastation.

Now Hafsah's parents and their three other children have to come to terms with even more grief following the raid on their house, which unfolded on the evening of January 10.

Mr Azeem says CCTV shows the culprits, a group of four, breaking the back door lock and making their way in.

A number of items were taken from the house, but the violation of Hafsah's room is the hardest thing for the family to come to terms with.

A medal Hafsah received from school was taken, as well as an iPhone with her last ever voicemail message on it, which her mum still cherished and would play back to hear her voice.

Picture books lovingly made by Hafsah's school and her mum have also been destroyed and her clothes thrown about.

"Nobody has been in that room," Mr Azeem said "The bed sheets are still the same.

"We've never changed it.

"We wanted to leave things the way they were.

"It's a total disgrace, they don't realise what damage they cause to people's lives."

Mrs Ali added: "I feel violated that they have come in and touched her stuff. I'm destroyed. I don't care what else they took, I just want her stuff back."

She added: "This year, she would have been 16, she was loved by everyone in the community."

The couple say a number of homes in the area have been targeted.

They have reported the raid on their house to the police, CCTV footage has been taken, and the couple are urging anyone with information to get in touch.