A Biomedical Science student is hoping to inspire other women in her community at this year’s Miss Lancashire pageant.

Madihah Haq, aged 19 of Preston is studying at UCLAN and hoping to go on to become a doctor.

She has always wanted to be a model but at five-foot tall she said it wasn’t easy getting into a pageant.

She told us, “Since a very young age I always had a passion for modelling, however I was always disheartened when they asked for my height.

“I have applied for a number of pageants and got rejected because you have to be at least five feet seven inches for most of them.

“I am happy that Miss Lancashire accept everyone. If they can do it I can’t see why other model agencies won’t.

“I am also hoping to break the stigma of height within the modelling industry. I believe this is unfair as every girl can still pursue their dream no matter what their height, weight, or race is.

“I do not want other girls to feel how I felt as my self-esteem was going down every time I was rejected.”

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Madihah will be supporting a children’s charity - 'The Variety’ this year.

She added, “I am really happy that family and friends have been supportive of my taking part. They always support my efforts.”

The Miss Lancashire event will takes place on 20 January at the Play House Theatre Preston.