I am a 39-year-old father of four children and I cannot see myself getting through the coming year.

I have tried to be a strong person and a good husband for many years but I think I am fighting a losing battle. Two of my children have not been well and I have looked after them as much as I can.

It is not getting better for them and I do feel that Allah has abandoned me and my prayers. People tell me not to give up but after some time there is only so much a man can do.

My wife was born here whilst I was not. I always felt I owed her for choosing to marry me so I could be the first from my family to come here. I work 12 hours a day driving a taxi and then I come home and take care of my children.

It is not easy work and I do not like it. In the evenings I have been racially abused several times and once a man pulled a screwdriver on me for a £3 fair. I did not report it as I did not see the point.

I do not see this as a burden but for many years I have been the main provider in my family.

Whilst my wife has tried her best to help, she is only human and tends to rely on me for almost everything. She herself is not well and can only do so much during the day. She has been overcome by arthritis and her movement on days is limited.

I do not have close family and her family tend only to come to visit when they want something from me. Otherwise they do not care about us.

As two of my children grow up I am struggling to provide for their needs.

When I came to this country I did think things would be better but in the past year the pressure of keeping the family afloat and working off debt has been a big problem for me. I do not see a way out of this and it will only be harder for me.

It is not easy being like this but I am losing my belief in the saying that ‘good things happen to good people.’

I know that I must stay strong for my family and the children but it is getting harder and harder each day and I do feel sometimes I would be worth more to the family if I was not here.

I am a religious man and that is the only thing that is keeping me from doing something drastic.

I wish I was good man and a better man and a stronger man but I do not think I am.

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