Wow, can’t believe we’re a week into 2019 already! Hope you all had a great holiday. It’s been so nice to spending time with the family, although getting the kids back into a routine will be some form of light relief.

With the new year upon us, many a brides-to-be will be busy in the throes of prepping and planning for their upcoming wedding. I thought in light of this it would be useful to compile a list of 20 tips which can be a game changer when it comes to those finer details in bridal prep. 

I could probably write a book on this but I’ll try my best to keep it short and compile some key pointers. 

1. Look for a bridal outfit that is going to compliment your shape. If you are petite you may want to look at a style that doesn’t drown you or isn’t too heavy. If you’re not a curvy bride, opt for a peplum style top and skirt which creates frills and a bit of fuss around your body shape, creating an illusion of a curvy silhouette. 

Some brides opt for a very heavy large train but then find moving about very restrictive. Likewise the curvier bride should opt for a good fitting outfit, as any baggy areas will add extra pounds, slender lines and a more structured shape will help to streamline the figure.
2. Consider the border of your dupatta as very wide stiff border is not going to fall as elegantly as a narrower border. Also fabric plays a huge part. Chiffon fabric has a lovely fall to it, which really compliments the hair/hijab styles. It’s always wise to have a dupatta that’s not too heavy purely from a comfort perspective. 

3. Try your outfit on at least two weeks before the wedding. Most brides lose weight either consciously or without trying. This will allow for last minute tailoring changes should the need arise. 

4. Invest in some good shaping underwear. Go and get and measured properly. what you wear underneath can completely transform your shape and form. 

5. The jewellery should compliment not only your outfit but your features. Consider the size of your tikka in comparison to your forehead. A small forehead wouldn’t suit a very large tikka, try it on don’t just go off how it looks in the shop.

Matha pathis suit certain foreheads. If your forehead is small avoid these as it will take up most of the space.

Most earings can be very heavy, (also consider length! I’ve had to take droplets off from the bottom of the earings in the past as they’ve just been too long for the brides kneck and clashed with her kneclace!) it’s best to keep the rubber backs from costume jewellery to hand as these are great in keeping the earings securely on when the metals one fail and fall off. 

6. You only need bangles if your sleeves allow for this. Many brides have full length sleeves and there’s no space for bangles or she can only fit some of them on. No point in purchasing too many if they don’t fit or there’s no space on your arm for them. 

7. Naath. Ok this can either be a very painful or painless process! If you don’t have nose piercing many places offer a simple clip you can secure to your nostril. If you have a piercing have a nose stud without it’s back in that can easily be removed and the naath can be inserted once Makeup is completed. There’s nothing worse than a bride destroying her makeup and especially that nose contour! When she’s battling getting her nose stud out and naath in. For a mua it’s what nightmares are made of.

8. Take a paracetamol on the day! Trust me when I say everything hurts! You’re not meant to be comfortable so don’t be a martyr and pop that paracetamol! 

9. Have a lipstick that matches your outfit to hand to take with you. Most makeup artists use long wearing lipsticks, however the only area where it may come off is the centre of the mouth. 

10. Makeup application usually doesn’t budge on the day, especially if applied properly, however it’s always handy to have blotting paper or a compact powder to, A. quickly take sneak peaks and make sure everything is in tact and B. eliminate any shine zones if you’re extra prone to them. 

11. Don’t have any experimental treatments done to your face very close to the big day. I’ve had brides who have never waxed their face come up with textured / spotty skin who otherwise have a clear complexion! If you’re new to threading or waxing your face then apply a freezing cold flannel to close them pores! Facials / treatments should be done at least 2 weeks before the big day, giving any adverse reactions time to heal. Try the treatment / facial out a few months before so you know your skin reacts ok to it. Also stick to your regular eyebrow lady.

12. Avoid lash lifts or lash extensions until after your big day. A strip lash always finishes your makeup up off to perfection!.

13. Have everything laid out ready on the day. An organised bride is a calm bride. 

14. Allow friends / family to give you some space. Put a sign on the door, or better still exercise those bridezilla rights and keep them at bay.

15. Give your phone to someone who can deal with any last min inquiries. There’s nothing worse than a bride being hounded. This is a big no no for the bride and the mua! 

16. If you are new to contact lenses, practice wearing them ahead of the day and have them in for at least 30 mins before your mua arrives. This stops last minute watery eyes/noses. Bad idea for your makeup. 

17. Avoid very oily moisturisers. Your mua will prep your skin for you. 

18. Brush, exfoliate and apply lip balm to your lips. Get rid of that dry, flaky skin! Your lipstick application will be much smoother, especially when long wearing lippies can be so drying. 

19. Exfoliate your face. This doesn’t have to be too abrasive, use a sensitive exfoliater if needs be. The makeup glides on when all the dead skin has been removed. 

20. When spraying perfume, do so as a mist all over you, rather than up close to your neck. This not only causes wet streaks it can also damage your jewellery. 

Hope you find these tips useful. More importantly try to enjoy your big day, it’s over too quickly.