YouTuber Dina Tokio has shared some of the hateful comments she received after she decided to remove the Hijab.

Dina began blogging almost ten years ago and was one of the first women in the UK to share tips on modest fashion and unique ways to wear hijab.  

This week, Dina shared a 45 minute video on YouTube in which she read out some of the acerbic comments she received including, "Fucking Illuminati cult slag. Were you ever Muslim?"

One comment left on Twitter states, "I hope u and ur family all die painfully and slowly."

Another said, "Dina didn't get banged enough when she was younger. Now she's opening up sexually."

Another comment Dina read out was, "Slowly you will be porn star."

Many were quick to express their shock after hearing Dina read out the comments in the video.

Fans supporting her wrote on YouTube:

"People are literally bullying her in the name of religion. All these comments from so called religious Muslims are a shame on the community ! This Haram Police has become such a pain for everyone whilst themselves missing out on the basic principles of Islam like Slandering , Insulting, Looking down upon anyone and spreading hate."

Another said, "Dina was and will be one of the strongest Muslim Influencers in the world."

This was echoed by another supporter who wrote, "The amount of hate Dina receives is beyond belief. Just do you Dina.

One person added, "I almost cried when I heard all these comments! ( did anyone felt the same? ) What a strong person you are Dina, I hope you find peace regardless these hatful comments"