For a few years now Kebabish Original Blackburn has been receiving top marks on customer ratings websites. But how has this Kebabish Original managed to keep to that high standard for so long?

And why do almost all diners you meet have nothing but praise for the team at this restaurant?

Being part of a larger chain of restaurants does not mean you can’t be unique. And this is something they learned early on at the Kebabish Original Blackburn.

Most restaurants are happy to serve up the traditional menus and hope that you will return in the coming months. Along the way you may or may not choose to spread the word that you had a decent time.

Here, at Kebabish Original Blackburn I think that was never going to be enough.

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For those of us who travel far and wide looking for the perfect curry, we tend to compare it to what we received at home when we were children.

We remember the taste and the freshness of that dish.

Kebabish Original Blackburn serves up everything from their famous of mixed grill to the Karahi Ghosht (lamb).

In the past, insiders tended to ask for the VIP Saag (Spinach) Ghosht to impress their guests. 
Thankfully the owners have decided to now list this on their menu - so the secret is out!

The chicken sizzlers are also a firm favourite and for those who just can’t do without the steaks – you won’t find many to rival those on offer here.

The fact is the food here and the price is hard to beat. Yes, we have been to places where they may serve good steaks and maybe some delectable starters, but you won’t find a restaurant that picks up points across the board.

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This Kebabish is also one of the few places we have visited where you find people from different backgrounds and cultures.

For all their efforts in making their food to the highest quality and taste it is the service here that sets this restaurant apart. From the chefs to the waiters to the senior managers, each it seems will ensure that your visit is special.

This almost personal service has helped to elevate the Kebabish Original Blackburn to a new level.

Good restaurants will offer good food. Great restaurants will go that extra mile to make sure you remember your visit for all the right reasons.

The Kebabish Original Blackburn is in the latter category and that’s why 90 per cent of diners say it is ‘very good’ and ‘excellent’ and you can’t really argue with that.

The Kebabish Original Blackburn is based on the corner of Whalley Range / Whalley New Road, Blackburn.