Naughty Boy has launched an exclusive track for the Trainline app.

From seatbelts clicking and passenger chatter, to toilets flushing and the horn beeping, the otherwise-familiar coach noises have been  mixed to create a tune to keep passengers entertained for the full 151-minute journey. 

Trainline has also produced a behind the scenes video to document the magic being made from start to finish.

The video sees Naughty Boy sourcing the track sounds and inspiration first-hand in pursuit of compiling the perfect set of sounds, before mixing them in his Ealing studio.

The renowned producer invites viewers to see art in motion as he mixes tempos and builds the track from the everyday coach sounds.

Naughty Boy said, “via M40 is one of the most outlandish, and creative, tracks I’ve ever worked on – it’s epic!

"Using a selection of familiar coach sounds, the finalised track has a great beat that everyone will genuinely love – and you’d never guess that I used the sound of the indicators and windscreen wipers for my inspiration.

"Check it out now on YouTube, I’m really pleased with the final results - trust me, it will have you dancing in the aisles!”

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Jon Moore, Chief Product Officer at Trainline said, “We’re so excited to be working with the talented Naughty Boy on this one of a kind track. We wanted to celebrate that Trainline now does coach travel with a treat for our customers – a fun, lively track perfect for any trip.”