Meggy and Yassar Yaqub met at a Bradford restaurant to sort out a dispute amid 'street talk' that drugs had gone missing, a jury has been told.

Giving evidence on day four of the M62 gun trial, Mohsin Amin told the jury of hostilities involving Mohammed Nisar Khan, also known as Meggy.

Dewsbury-born Amin, now of Manchester, is among three men on trial accused of conspiracy to possess firearms and ammunition with intent to endanger life.

GUN TRIAL: Meggy 'well-known' in Bradford area, says defendant

GUN TRIAL: Meggy was known as 'police informer' court hears

In today's evidence, Amin told the court there was 'street talk' that drugs had gone missing. There were 'hostilities' between Meggy and a person known as Raa.

Amin said he went to a meeting at Café de Akbar in Leeds Road, Bradford, and said his presence would be a 'comfort' to Mr Yaqub.

He said Mr Yaqub and Meggy were meeting to sort out a dispute. They did not trust one another, so Meggy did not want to come to Huddersfield and Mr Yaqub did not want to go to Bradford.

A person called Kash said if Amin attended, Mr Yaqub would, the court heard.

Amin said he did not want to go but Mr Yaqub phoned him and he agreed to go.

"I just went along to keep the peace", Amin told the jury.

He did not expect any violence. The issue was trust. Amin said he had no financial incentive to go to the cafe.

He picked up Mr Yaqub at Ainley Top, near Huddersfield, because he did not know where he lived.

Mr Yaqub got into his car from a Scirocco and was told the Scirocco would be following them to Cafe de Akbar.

Amin said he knew where Akbar's was. It was a well-known place, he said.

He parked up and the others were already inside. Meggy and Mr Yaqub were talking. Amin said he and Kash, who was also present at the meeting, were not involved in the conversation.

Mr Yaqub was telling Meggy why a man called Khalil owed him money.

Meggy said Khalil had told him he did not owe any money. The discussion lasted 15 to 20 minutes. It was agreed that Meggy would bring Khalil to a meeting the next day.

The rest of the meeting was spent just talking and eating.

When they left the cafe there was a van parked outside. Amin said he messaged Ra saying Meggy had a team outside.

Amin, 32, of Manchester; Rexhino Arapaj, 28, of Thornlea Road, Huddersfield, and David Butlin, 39, of Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth, all deny conspiracy to possess firearms and ammunition with intent to endanger life. They are accused of carrying out the offence with Mr Yaqub, 28, of Crosland Moor, Huddersfield.

Earlier, Amin told the jury that he did not know Meggy – but had heard of him.

Amin, 32 was asked if he knew Mohammed Nisar Khan, sometimes referred to as Meggy.

Amin, who the court earlier heard was driving the car in which Mr Yaqub was the passenger, said he did not know Meggy but he had heard of him. He said Meggy was "well-known" in the Bradford area but he had not met him until January 2 – the day of the fatal shooting.

Amin said he knew of Yassar Yaqub for four or five years and had his number from a night out in 2016.

They were in contact over Snapchat. Amin is single and lives with his parents and works at the family off licence. He attended Mirfield Grammar School.

Earlier in the trial, the final seconds before Yassar Yaqub was shot dead by a police firearms officer shortly after leaving Bradford were relayed to the jury.

Yassar Yaqub was killed after three bullets went through the windscreen of the white Audi A4 he was the front seat passenger in.

Mr Yaqub and Amin were stopped by the police on the M62 slip road at junction 24, Ainley Top, near Huddersfield, at 6.05pm on January 2, 2017.

The Audi was travelling in convoy with a white VW Scirocco containing Rexhino Arapaj and David Butlin, the court has heard.

Minutes before the fatal shooting, the vehicles were parked near the Café de Akbar in Leeds Road, Bradford, while Amin and Mr Yakub had a meal.

Earlier, the trial heard how Mr Yaqub and the three defendants were at Cedar Court Hotel at Ainley Top before driving to Cafe de Akbar.

Mr Moulson QC said Mr Yaqub and Amin went into the cafe, while Arapaj and Butlin parked on Albert Place.

The jury was told the pair dined in the cafe for over an hour with Mohammed Nisar Khan and Kashif Tahir.

CCTV footage of Mr Yaqub and Amin in the café was played in the courtroom, along with footage showing the Audi and the Scirocco driving on the streets outside.