Movies can help to change the world. Great movies can help to change perceptions. But there are some movies that Hollywood will not make.

In the majority of Hollywood movies and TV series Muslims and Middle Eastern characters have been typecast to fit specific storylines. Isn't it about time this changed.

The fact of the matter is certain issues will remain unsaid because they are too controversial for audiences.

A handful have touched upon a particular subject matter but never focused entirely on the actual victim.

Yes, there may be film producers who will want to tackle particular subject matters but for the moment, big budget films with leading actors will not be making the following films.

Drone War 

A film about a young child who had nothing to do with al-Qaeda or the ‘war on terror’.

She is alone after seeing her mother, father and baby brother killed by an American drone attack on her village.

The story follows her life immediately before the drone attack and the days after it. The focus is on the young girl but we also get to see the person who murdered her parents thousands of miles away.

We follow the life of the drone operator who is simply following instructions and intelligence. We also explore hundreds of other innocent victims who have been killed in drone attacks.

Obviously, we will need the saviour played by A-list Hollywood actress who is fighting for justice as part of an international charity stationed in the remote area.

Guantanamo Bay Free

An innocent man who has been imprisoned inside Guantanamo Bay for many years. We follow his arrest and then his imprisonment inside the prison.

We then focus on his daily life inside the prison and how he befriends other inmates. How they try to plead their innocence and they remain locked away in solitary confinement away from the prying eyes of the world.

The brutal regime is portrayed as it is - nothing more, nothing less. The torture of the inmates is quite clear. 

We focus on the prisoners and also one of the prison guards. A star cast includes an A-list actor playing the role of the prison guard and a female lawyer who is trying to fight for justice for her client.

In the end the inmate kills himself and there is a huge cover-up.

(American independent drama Camp X-Ray was a good effort).

Hell in Helmand

A story that revolves around not just the side of the American and British invasion forces.

We follow the lives of two conscripts enlisted to fight for two opposing sides.
On the American side we follow a lowly marine who wants to fight for his country but slowly changes his perception of what is right and wrong as the war rages.

He sees his own colleagues killing men, women and children and trying to hide the evidence.

The marine must be played by an A-list Hollywood actor with supporting roles from some of Hollywood’s finest.

On the other side we focus on the life of an 'insurgent'. How and why he joins to fight the invading force and why he continues. We see him kill his own neighbours as well as the invading forces.

The allies are seen as invading forces occupying another land and there is no saviour.
The story culminates as the two men come face to face.

The African question

A story about how Chinese and Western governments have for years tried to ‘colonise’ parts of Africa. We focus on a small country with large mineral deposits. A charity is stationed in the country and they are attempting to help a small village which is near some resources.

We focus on the corruption and the tactics used by both sides as they attempt to force the authorities to side with them. The roles of the charity staff can be played by some of the world’s most accomplished young and old actors

In the end there is no winner as the country slides from one crisis to the next.
The film culminates in the destruction of the village and the realisation this was ‘just another day’s work’ for those representing their respective governments.

Palestinian hero

A story of the daily life of a Palestinian family whose life is torn apart when one of the teenage sons is kidnapped by the Israeli authorities.

The roles of the father and mother must be played by A-list actors. Both then try to find out what happened to their son. 

Along the way we are given an insight of what life is really like for refugees and their experiences in the Gaza Strip. We see how the Israeli authorities are financed and where they purchase their weapons from.

We also see how terrorists are financed by Middle Eastern regimes to kill innocent Israeli’s too.

Rather than obscure link where we can make ourselves feel good as we leave
the theatre we must be left in no doubt where the bombs, bullets and missiles come from.

(Article first featured in Asian Image 2014)