She told me they were separated. She told me every single detail about their relationship.

She bared her soul to me. For a whole year I lived in this euphoric state where I was planning to marry her and become a father to her two children. 

Sex for me is a spiritual act and I have only slept with women I have been in love with. 

I now realise for her sex was validation that she was desirable and it made her feel wanted.

Little did I know that whilst she was spending her nights with me, she was spending her days patching things up with her husband. 

She led me to believe it was over and divorce proceedings had begun. 

She was cheating on me the entire time. She used me for comfort and emotional support. 

But her strategy was to make her husband get down on his knees and beg for her to come back to him. 

She's gone back into a complete family with a husband who is more devoted to her because of her underhanded tactics.

And I have been discarded.

Her argument was she had to go back because of her children. 

She wasn't thinking of what was better for her children when she dumped them at her parents house so she could get into bed with me.

Part of me wants her husband to know the truth. But she told him she stayed faithful to him during their separation. 

I know how damaging it would be if I told him the truth.  I wish I hadn't slept with her. My emotions got all tangled up after that. 

I gave her my heart and soul. And then she left me for her husband.

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