A couple donated the £5,000 they would have spent on their Walima to charity.

The money helped to feed 2000 people in Syria, Gaza and Sierra Leone.

Saif Mohammad and Nasira has recently got married were due to hold a Walima in Blackburn. And instead of spending money on the wedding recepotion they donated it to help those most in need.

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Maulana Faruk (above), Principal of Madrasah Zeenatul Quran said, "It was a wonderful gesture.

"Saif Mohammad just got married to Nasira and he asked me to arrange his wedding food to feed orphans and the widows of Gaza, Syria and Africa.

"We spend thousands of pounds in our wedding but we forget them orphans and widows who don't know whether they will get a second meal or not.

"This is a one of the best projects I have done."

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He added, "A great number of children in the world go without any food, especially in Gaza, Syria and Africa, for many days at a time. 

"With the rising cost of living, providing a balanced diet for children who live in abject poverty is just but a dream.

"Getting one meal a day, that is not balanced is more the norm than the exception."