We all have hair on our body. Some people just have hair more visible than others.

I have reached the stage in my life where I am sick of removing hair.

I have spent years waxing, threading, bleaching, all for what? To get a man's approval?

The pain, the stress, the unkind comments are not worth it for any man.

From being asked to wax my back, my stomach, a full Brazilian including inside the arse, the demands are getting more ridiculous.

Waxing the face was a harsh lesson. After 2 days of painful red spots induced by the waxing, I vowed never to put myself through that ordeal again.

Threading the face proved to be an exercise in swift bruising.

On top of that you have to be witty and sexy enough to make sure their attention and gaze doesn't wander elsewhere, because men being men simply can't help themselves.

Monogamy is one thing, but salivating over other women is just accepted as the norm.

And then of course having the perfect figure is imperative otherwise you're just not up to standard.

One man I dated bought me a waxing kit for my birthday after noticing small hairs on my face in the sunlight.

You can cover it up with makeup-then you're told you wear too much makeup.

When you go au natural, well, suddenly you're not feminine enough.

It's time we stopped putting ourselves through painful beauty procedures in order to try and look good for men.

Let's put ourselves first because the truth is, no matter how stunning and perfect you are, men are inherently lascivious creatures who will always look at other women in a lecherous manner. 

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