Polygamy is a provocative topic that is seldom spoken about.

It is regarded as a taboo matter as people do not know how to engage the subject and probably more importantly do not know anything about it.

The reality is men would love to have multiple wives and women hate it. That is not unusual and perfectly normal.

The argument that I will put forward to the discerning reader is this.

You hear many stories both within the Pakistani and non Pakistani communities that men commonly cheat on their wives, watch pornography and more commonly leer over women.

This is fact whether men want to admit it or not. And I am sure women are saying “not my man”. You are all fooling yourselves.

As a man do you really want to be watching pornography in the toilet to release your frustrations, go 4/5/6 months without sexual intimacy or secretly booking hotel rooms and running around like a thief in the night? The answer is a resounding 'no'.

The communities we encounter today would benefit from such arrangements rather than having to live one’s life in secret.

Perhaps more importantly when that secret comes out, and it will come out, how can a “respectable” man show his face when he has been found out he has been watching pornography, sleeping with prostitutes or perhaps their work colleague.

How will your wife, son, daughter, mother, father and all else look at you. You will be regarded as a disgrace and it could take many painful years to gain any respectability back again.

Polygamy would eliminate all those problems.

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