A new video from poet Hussain Manawer aims to challenge stereotypes of women in the British-Pakistani community.

In the video a group of young girls form an impromptu band in the kitchen, rallying against a perception of how they should behave.

. Hussain said, “Mamma’s Kitchen is about smashing cultural stigmas around women. It still seems to be prevalent that many women don't have a voice and are confined within the homes.”

“I wrote Mamma’s Kitchen against the walls on the floor in my mum’s kitchen, when she passed away last year.

"The instruments found in the kitchen by the women act as their weapons to fight against oppression from society and toxic masculinity.

"The kitchen in the video represents the haven some women found solace in to survive within these environments.”

Comprised of four poems in total the‘Homemade’ cycle finds the poet and mental health activist working his way through his personal grief following the death of his mother last year.

Hussain has performed at Brixton Academy with the Global Citizen initiative (sharing the stage with Former UN Secretary General Kofi Anan) and made appearances on Radio 4, Sky News, 5Live, BBC Asian Network discussing mental health and redefining masculinity in the modern world.