I know my father was a difficult man and I recognise that my mum had a challenging life with him.

Growing up, she would always say that she wanted me to have the life she didn't have after marriage and that she prayed that I would always be happy.

But since I got married my mother has changed.

She seems to resent the fact that I have a good relationship with my husband.

She always taunts me when I wear something new and says I spend too much money.

My mum keeps making unfair comparisons with her life, like how she survived with one pair of shoes for years and how I seem to have one for every outfit I wear.

She finds any excuse to have a go at me, either telling me I don't look after my husband properly or that he has spoilt me.

I don't understand why she can't just be happy for me.

She got married very young and had babies early on. 

We grew up in fear of both mum and dad. And she took her fear of him out on us. 

Me and my siblings suffered socially and at school because our home environment was so full of tension, control, unhappiness and anger.

I know my parents circumstances were different and they couldn't possibly have divorced.

But I shouldn't be made to feel guilty about finally finding happiness. 

My relationship with my mum is strained. 

I feel sad that her life has been so full of misery.

But I can't be made to feel guilty about that. 

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