I've been going to Muslim marriage events over a ten year period and came across every single kind of Muslim female you can think of, all these Samina's, Shahida's and Shazia's who have done nothing but waste their lives chasing fantasies.

I have had 0% success.

For a Muslim man to get married, he must have Bollywood hero looks, a bank account that matches an A-list Hollywood movie star, have several highly successful business, ideally both parents dead and is willing to cut all ties with any friends he has after marriage.

Any Muslim man who doesn't have all of the above are rejected.
I know lots of Muslim women who have been aged 31 for the last 8 years. Women that are in their forties lie about their age and say they are in their early thirties.

The sad reality is that these marriage events seem to cater to people who knowingly enter into relationships outside of marriage with players who have no intention of marrying them.

Women today in their advancing years are complaining about being discriminated against because of their age. What about all the discrimination they have done?

If you’re a divorced man, women don't want to know.

If you’re a single parent, women don't want to know.

If your educational status is less than them, women don't want to know.

If your drive a cheap car women don't want to know.

The vast majority of these Muslim women have wasted every God given opportunity to marry a decent man.

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