I wanted to warn females on matrimonial sites there are many Asian men taking advantage of their vulnerability. 

My friend has been talking to a man who she met off a singles website. 

They had been in contact for about six months but he emotionally manipulated her by talking about his sister's cancer so he could sleep with her.

He said he would never hurt her as he knows how it feels. 

Unfortunately, she fell for him. His true colours started showing but it was too late for her, she felt trapped and she felt like she had no choice but to carry on as normal. 

She eventually managed to pluck up the courage and ended it, which he then used to his advantage saying it wasn’t working out due to him being busy. 

On that day someone told my friend she had seen this man on another singles site and that he is still on there whilst talking to my friend which he denied.   

My friend had also met his sisters and she is shocked the sisters haven’t asked her why she has ended it and feels they may have been a part of it. 

The sisters of the men who are on these dating sites need to encourage their brothers to treat women with respect like how they would want their sister to be treated by another man. 

It makes me sick how an educated man can use his sisters cancer to try to sleep with women. I would be mortified if this was my brother.

My friend has spent the weekend crying.

I feel like this has broken my friend completely.

She will never be able to move on from this trauma caused by this man.

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