A YOUNG woman has spoken of the terrifying moment her and her mum were attacked by a dog.

Humaira Kanwal, 26, and her mum Naseem Akhtar, 50, were walking along Brookfield Road, Barkerend, on Wednesday afternoon when their ordeal unfolded.

Miss Kanwal claims the dog’s owner let the animal, thought to be a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, off the leash and “found it funny”.

Miss Kanwal has been left with scratches on her hip and her mum suffered an injury to her wrist.

A picture taken in the aftermath of the attack shows the wounds and her bloodied arm.

Miss Kanwal said: “We walked away from the dog - as soon as we went past, he [the dog’s owner] let it off the leash.

“It was attacking us and attacking us. He was finding it funny.

“He left the dog there and the dog kept attacking us. I’ve got bruises all over my body.”

The pair have been left scarred by what happened.

“I can just see the scene in front of my eyes,” Miss Kanwal said.

“We were just really shocked by the incident. I’ve never experienced this before.

“I can’t go out of the house - I’d never go to a park or to a field, I don’t want to be around dogs.”

She said her mum had been crying the whole night and added: “She is really, really distressed.”

It has also been a setback for Miss Kanwal, who has suffered with panic for around three years.

“He just let him off the leash,” she said.

“If it was an accident, he would try take the dog away.

“We were crying and screaming. It just came and attacked us from behind.”

She added: “I’m worried about it happening again. At first I thought it had taken her whole hand off.”

Their horrific ordeal eventually came to an end when someone was able to kick and push the dog away.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson confirmed they had been called to the scene.

The Force said: “Officers have seized a dog which is thought to have been involved in this incident.

“Enquiries are ongoing into the circumstances and to trace the animal’s owner.

“A crime of having a dog dangerously out of control has also been recorded for further investigation.”

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service sent a rapid response vehicle to the scene and the pair were taken to the Bradford Royal Infirmary, where they stayed until around 11pm.