The fact that I am Asian and a Muslim and don’t support England should not be so alarming.

I don’t want England to win. The best moment for me last night was when Columbia equalised.

I can’t wait for them to be knocked-out so everyone can go about their business again without having to put up with this fever of national pride that comes during these international tournaments.

I despise the English sport more than anything else as much as I despise the Pakistani Cricket team.

There are reasons for this.

In recent weeks I have sat with my friends and supported the opposition much to the disdain of my friends. What is wrong with that?

Why am I being made to feel I am not English enough? Why am I being told I am not British enough? If I was white and hated England no-one would say anything. But as a Muslim I am being made out as some sort of leper who should be hidden away.

‘Please don’t talk to you work friends about your loyalties you will make us all look bad.’ 

Actually I don’t think I am alone. I have met several friends who are anti-England in sport because they don’t want to hear about these victories for the next 50 years.

I am not a practising Muslim. I don’t pray often and will attend Friday prayers like the majority of those of the Islamic faith. My sporting loyalties are not affected by my religion.

When I think of England fans I see not a unified country under one flag. I see pockets of racists who will never accept us for what we are.

This national euphoria which follows our team around every few years when we are in a tournament is not appealing.

I also see a whole load of minorities trying to ‘fit in’ and show-off their loyalty in the hope this will make them ‘more British’.

My preferred teams have been Spain and Germany.

I see myself as British but I also support the Australians during the cricket series. I hate Pakistani fans. 

They want to support their native land because it gives them a sense of affinity to their homeland. A homeland they have nothing in common with and only return to show-off of their wealth.

I find their affiliation to the country confusing. 

I know people will be reading this thinking I am in some way misguided. I don’t think I am. 

The sooner we get over this false sense of euphoria the better.

By Anonymous