I have been inundated with messages from new brides telling me they have gained weight after marriage and that they need some help and advice.

First of all, don’t panic, this is totally normal!

According to a study published in a daily journal ‘The Obesity’, 82% of couples average weight gain after marriage was around 5-10 kg in this first five years of marriage, and this weight gain was mostly amongst the women.

So why does this happen?

As Asian women, our society puts pressure on us to look and act a certain way to be an ‘ideal’ candidate for marriage.

Education, the colour of our skin, our cooking and cleaning skills and in particular, our height and weight are all put under the spotlight.

Being chubby, curvy or overweight is certainly frowned upon (unfortunately) and we have felt the pressure to look a certain way all our lives.

Once you’re married, the pressure is finally off; you can relax and finally feel comfortable.

After marriage, attitudes towards one’s self can change and that is why a little weight gain here and there does not bother many. With all the post wedding feasting, social events, excessive date nights and settling into your new families eating habits, some women soon see a dramatic increase in weight and eventually lose their way.


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Here are a few things you can do to ensure that you and your partner both stay fit and healthy whilst enjoying your new life as a married couple: 

  1. Dine in and make meal planning fun

If you didn't order pizza every Friday night when you were single, there's no reason you should be doing it now. Don’t let your partner bring their bad habits to you.

Instead, insist on eating something a little healthier, compromising is key! Experiment in the kitchen together, make a pizza at home using healthier alternatives.

The internet is full of ‘fake away’ healthier alternatives. Go shopping together, figure out which healthy foods you both like and stock up on them.

  1. Workout together

Incorporate working out into your married life, check out new classes together, help each other set goals and motivate each other to JUST DO IT!

When you team up, you're more likely to reach your own goals thanks to the added encouragement and accountability that come into play. Limit your cuddle time on the couch to an hour and fill the rest of the time with hobbies or other activities that allow you to be together.

  1. Communication

Time and time again you'll hear that communication is key to a successful and healthy relationship, and that is also true when it comes to reaching personal goals such as losing weight. Talk to each other about how you can adjust your lifestyle to support each other’s goals and how you can help each other to achieve.

  1. Date night

Date night doesn’t always have to be a dinner reservation, switch it up a little. Suggest non-food date nights. It's so easy to go out for dinner, suggest something like laser tag, bowling or something along those lines where the food is not necessarily the focus.

As a couple, take on the challenge to keep fit and healthy, be each other’s motivators and supporters and embark on the journey together.

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