Ever wanted to know what was halal? Or just wanted to have Islamic history at your fingertips? Here are ten really useful Islamic Apps.

Scan Halal

Scan Halal helps Muslims find halal food. The app aims to bring transparency to the halal food industry and provide valuable and much needed information to make better informed halal dietary choices. You scan the barcode on the food and the app will break down the sources of ingredients.

Muslim Now

Muslim Now covers all Muslims daily needs with features including the prayer time displayed as well as the next time to pray, the Quibla direction and a collection of Islamic YouTube videos. The app also features Islamic ringtones, Islamic books and greeting cards which can be shared on other social media platforms.

MP3 Quran

This app describes itself as the most downloaded free audio Quran Islamic App on Google Play and it is not hard to see why. The app allows you to easily stream high quality MP3 Quran files. There are also 100 reciters to choose from.

Digital Tasbih 

This app is literally the digital version of the tasbih. Rather than taking your tasbih with you to the mosque, you can simply use your phone instead. The app is simple but very useful.

Muslim Pro

This popular app has over 10 million downloads and includes accurate prayer time and azan application. The app also features the full Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, translations and audio recitations as well as a Qibla locator, an Islamic Hijri calendar and a map of halal restaurants and mosques.

Islamic GPS

This app is a great and innovative way to learn about the history of the Muslim world. The app allows you to visit historical landmarks and sites across the world using augmented reality technology, including travelling through the Ottoman Empire, North Africa, Far Asia and the Middle East.

Hadith Collection

Hadith Collection is exactly what it claims to be- an app that provides a collection of hadiths. The app contains Arabic mattan and translations in different languages of most accepted and authentic hadith books including Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud and Malik's Muwatta.

Sira Life of Muhammad (PBUH)

This app has been created for children to teach them about Islam in an interactive and engaging way. The app also highlights positive values like trustworthiness, honesty and many others from the Sira Life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his Companions.


Mengaji aims to drive a new culture amongst Muslims globally.  The app allows users to interact with each other, creating a Muslim social network. Quran recitations also feature on this app in various voices.

Ramadan Legacy

Okay, Maybe a bit late for 2018 but definitely one for 2019. Ramadan Legacy provides a revolutionary 30 day interactive Ramadan planner, a content feed for your go to place for learning in Ramadan and a live social stream to share your Ramadan experience with other users around the world.