My mum is so strict with me.  I am 18 and she still won't let me go out unless it is to college, work or my friend's house who she approves of.

It is stifling. She even censors what I watch on TV and checks my Netflix account to make sure I haven't watched anything with adult scenes or even sexual jokes.

I have to attend a study circle every Friday even though she doesn't go to it.

she doesn't even pray but she constantly texts me when I'm at college to remind me it's namaz time.

She is trying to create this perfect daughter because she couldn't be that person herself.

I know she is living vicariously through me but it is putting too much pressure on me.

The worst part of it is I know she was with my dad before they got married. I have heard this from a few people in my family.

I don't even care that she did that, but part of her clearly thinks I will get up to what she got up to unless she controls my every move.

I don't want a boyfriend or to go out anywhere bad.

All I want is for my mum to stop being such a hypocrite and let me breathe a little bit.

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