A letter has been sent to the Prime Minister calling for an investigation following the reinstatement of a Tory councillor who posted racist material.

Cllr Zafar Ali of Nelson Town Council has written to the Theresa May calling for an inquiry into Earby councillor Rosemary Carroll, who was suspended over a 'racist' Facebook post. 

After the recent elections the councillor was reinstated to the Conservative Party. 

The Tory group gained a slim majority majority of one over Labour and the Liberal Democrats, who had run the borough in a coalition for three years in last week's elections.

Cllr Carroll had been suspended from the Tory party after she shared a post which compared an Asian person to a dog, on Facebook and was deleted shortly after.

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The letter signed by Cllr Ali (above) reads, "At Nelson Town Council’s annual town council meeting last night, a motion was passed after a resident raised the issue of Councillor Rosemary Carroll being reinstated back into the Pendle Conservative Party group on Pendle Borough Council.

"The Councillor in question was suspended after sharing a vile and offensive joke on Facebook comparing Asians to dogs. This story has brought national attention on Pendle in the most negative of ways. Councillor Carrol is still suspended from full council meetings until November 2018.

“This Council urgently writes to the Prime Minister Theresa May and Brandon Lewis MP asking them to intervene urgently to set up an inquiry into antisemitism and Islamophobia amongst Lancashire Conservatives.”

It adds, "We ask that you take this matter seriously and call an independent inquiry into the issues raised. All of the issues raised in this letter are of great importance to the public and therefore this letter will be released to the public and media."

A peaceful protest is also being hled on May 17 at Nelson Town Hall.