From the age of 16 I have been getting rishtas. I have always been the beautiful one out of my friends.

I am fair skinned, I have big eyes, I am tall and I have long hair. 

I have everything that a man could want in a wife. And everything a mother-in-law could want in a daughter-in-law.

No rishta has ever been good enough for me.

I have the goods so I know I am entitled to make certain demands. 

I want a man who earns a certain salary and not below it.

He needs to have the kind of lifestyle that suits someone as attractive as me.

If I look this way, why should I compromise on my requirements?

If I am giving a guy me, I deserve luxury in return.

Since I turned 35 I have seen a change in men that are interested in me though.

They are either divorced men or complete losers who are really old and desperate.

I know aunty's say things to my mum about me being too fussy and that I am no longer marketable because of my age and that's it my own fault for being single.

They even make rude comments and call me a 'buddhi.'

But why should I get married just for the sake of shutting people up?

Why shouldn't I wait for my ideal guy who ticks all my boxes?

I deserve the best. And I will wait for the best.

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