At least he isn't doing anything behind my back. 

I have to be grateful for his honesty I suppose. At the same time, he is a typical man.  He has told me he doesn't want to hear anything of me being associated with other men or he will divorce me immediately.

To put it in simple terms, he has a particular fetish, something I refuse to do.

So he does it with other women. I have agreed to not question him nor reveal anything to our families.

He has made it clear that it is purely a physical thing and that he will never have relationships with these women as they are there to fulfill a particular need he has.

I don't know where he finds these women or how long he takes getting to know them before they reveal they are also into his 'interest.'

As compensation or whatever you want to call it, I have free rein of his credit card. 

I can travel when I want to. He has provided me with childcare and maids and a cook.

It's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

But I admit, I feel empty. Designer bags and expensive clothes have a short term feel-good fix.

I need an emotional connection. I have re-connected with an old uni friend. 

We  talk only on Facebook messenger.

And I always delete the thread at the end of each day. I dare not meet up with him because I am afraid I might fall for him.

And that would be disastrous for me. All my amenities would end.

I know I have made my choice to stay with my husband so I can't complain, but I do believe after a few years when he has got this out of this system, he will come back to me and appreciate my loyalty.

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