I am 15 years-old and I know it is something I should not talk about but I am embarrassed and sad that my mum wears the veil.

She is not forced to do so and my dad is supportive but when we go to town she does struggle getting around.

Growing up we have always been proud of our mum but some years back she decided to wear the full veil. I am still proud of her but in recently as we have grown up it has become problematic.

My younger brother who is seven years old pretends sometimes when he is out shopping that he is not with his mum.  I get really emotional when I see this.

I have to reassure her it is not because of the veil she is wearing but my mum has noticed this.

I feel sad that we should feel like this. I realise that people will call me selfish but they can’t call my brothers and sisters selfish. They are just young and are struggling with the change that has been forced upon them.

People do look at us and going to Asian shops and Asian stores is fine but when we go further afield I hate how people stare and make comments. A man tried to pull her veil off once. We didn’t report it that time.

My mother is a resilient woman and I know she pretends it does not affect her but I know when we get home she is affected.

I hate it when we have to go to school parent’s evenings. I hate it when we have to go to the hospital. I hate it when we go to eat.

These things I should enjoy as a family but I find my younger siblings are not so keen on their mother wearing the veil. I want her to be happy but I also have to keep telling my younger siblings to be quiet.

I know I should support my mother and I want to, but for my brothers and sisters it can be hard. I don’t wear the veil and my mum has never pressured me to do so but I think parents should also think of their children more.

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