Social media users in Pakistan have expressed their anger at a new shalwar kameez print that appears to resemble the female reproductive organ.

Local brand Kayseria launched a new design for their spring collection which has angered female consumers who have dubbed the new collection as “vulgar.”

One woman who took to Facebook to articulate her fury over the design wrote: “#SHAMEONYOUKAYSERIA" WE WILL NOT ACCEPT such prints.

"kayseria has insulted a woman's body part. We will boycott Kayseria and demand official apologize and explanation of such print. Its vulgar to make fun in this Islamic State of Pakistan and use it as a tool to SELL their products. we will continue to stand and reject such vulgar steps/strategies.

"We, women will not sit down and ignore such pathetic marketing strategies that are AIMED to destroy our youth and modesty of women.

“we will ALL STAND as a nation to MAKE sure WE teach KAYSERIA a lesson on doing such shameful thing and promoting it in a shamefulway. i demand all news channels to stand together and play a vital role for our mothers,sisters, daughter and wives. we will not tolerate any attack on modesty of our women and youth. we are all boycotting the brand over such a shameful act. KAYSERIA has insulted and hurt the sentiments of every women in this country. we will protest and stand together.

"MAKING FUN OF WOMEN BODY AND USING IT SHAMEFULLY IN their prints and promoting it in a vulgar way is not acceptable.

"Time to stand up as nation and let our voice be heard.”

The item has since been removed from Kayseria’s website.