Journalist and author Yasmin Alibhai-Brown shared some her of personal stories of moving to the UK from Uganda in the seventies as part of new art project.

'Creative Expressions by Women on the Move' brings together the struggles, hopes and dreams of migrant and refugee women in Birmingham.

The exhibition of the work produced by the women will be exhibited on March 8 at the city's library.

Some of the women have recently fled conflicts in Yemen and Somalia and have resettled in Birmingham following arduous and perilous journeys.

Many of them have moved on average 5-6 times once arriving in the UK in search of a home.

The project is the brainchild of Salma Zulfiqar from Birmingham who has worked with migrants and refugees all over the world with the United Nations.

The women will be creating a piece of artwork together with the artist to reflect their experiences in life and will be exhibited at a later date.

Salma Said, ’Some of these women have had their lives ripped apart and have dealt with so much heartache. In this project we will be recreating of their past, the present challenges and future dreams."

The artist is focusing her work on migration and integration, two of the biggest issues affecting societies worldwide.

She added, ‘’Integration of these women and other migrants is key in preventing hate crimes and extremism."

Creative Expressions by Women on the Move has been funded by the Arts Council UK and National Lottery - the creative sessions will