I always knew I was attracted to women, but that's not something an Asian girl can tell her parents.

Part of me thought that marriage might quell my tendencies.

I could never allow my husband to come near me.

His touch made me feel sick and disgusting.

He just thought I was frigid- well that's what he told me after I rejected his advances several times.

I knew he would cheat on me eventually. It was only a matter of time.

And I knew that would be my path to get out of the marriage.

It really upset my parents when I told them that my husband had an affair.

I felt guilty, but I felt I had no other choice.

Now I can actually embrace who it is I am without any cultural pressures- well, to an extent.

Because I have already been married, there is no pressure on me to marry again.

My parents think I have been through enough emotional drama so they don't push me to remarry.

I now live with my girlfriend but as far as my family are concerned, she is just my roommate.

My ex-husband still has no idea about my motives and I am sorry that I used him and put him through the guilt of sleeping with someone else and the embarrassment of telling his parents.

But in the face of such a helpless situation, I had to do something, using any means possible.

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