They are very traditional. Like a lot of our family friends. They would have been ashamed of me if they knew I had a girlfriend. A girlfriend who isn't Asian would have killed them. 

My sister had the wedding of their dreams. She was happy to go along with it. As the older brother, it was understood I wouldn't get married until after her wedding, so I had some time on my hands. 

I was with my girlfriend for three years. I was and still am living with my parents so it was all done secretly.

I had no choice but to lie to them- about fake weekends away with friends, non existent overnight work trips. 

After we got engaged I bought a flat which is five minutes away from my parents house.

We got married in secret. Just a small nikah ceremony. My wife is now pregnant.

I have to tell my parents. 

I get serious anxiety going to the supermarket with my pregnant wife in case someone sees us. 

I've kept this hidden far too long. I am going to tell them.

They will feel they failed in raising me properly. 

And they will feel I betrayed them. In some ways I have. 

Their culture is my burden. 

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