They hid it from us. No-one said a thing. 

I found out on my wedding night. At first he only smoked it occasionally in front of me.
Gradually it became far too frequent.
I couldn't tell my parents. They would worry far too much.
So I told his parents.
They sat me down and told me that he has been smoking weed for years.
They tried taking him for Umrah hoping that would cure him.
Then they thought marriage would make him more mature and that he stop himself.
They keep asking me to pray that he stops and that I should use my influence as a wife to make him stop.
I feel so burdened with this pressure.
Their big secret has become my problem.
His parents begged me not to tell anybody when I said I would need help.
I think he needs professional help but they are too ashamed to let me ask for help.
I will do it anyway, even if it is done secretly.
What’s another secret for me to bear?
I have become the backbone for this family, but it slowly wears me down that I don’t have anyone I can turn to. 

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