BBC News Bangla is expanding on TV with the launch of a Bangla edition of the BBC’s flagship digital technology programme, Click, and a second edition of the weekly news programme, BBC Probaho.

The inaugural edition of Click in Bangla will air on Saturday, 6 January, on Channel i in Bangladesh.

It will later be available on the BBC News Bangla website and YouTube channel. BBC Probaho will now air on Mondays and Thursdays, with the first new-look programme to be broadcast on Monday, 8 January. The BBC’s comprehensive TV guide to the latest technology news, Click, is being made available in Bangla for the first time.

Produced and presented by Afroza Neela and Faisal Titumir, the weekly programme will bring 22 minutes of the latest on gadgets, games and apps from around the world as well as the latest technological innovations that people in different countries are using to improve their lives.

There will be a special focus on reports from Bangladesh.

The twice-weekly BBC Probaho will be broadcast from a studio incorporating new branding which now features across all BBC News Bangla platforms.

Produced and presented by Sharmin Rauma, it will continue to offer in-depth reporting and hard-hitting interviews on issues of special interest to the Bangladeshi audience, and bring human-interest stories from around the world.

BBC News Bangla Editor, Sabir Mustafa, said: “Around 9m people watch BBC Probaho in Bangladesh, and we hope that its new, twice-weekly format will consolidate and further grow its success. The Bangla edition of Click, a technology programme watched and trusted around the world, will help Bangla-speaking audiences, wherever they are, stay up to date with the latest technical innovations.”

Shykh Seraj, Director and Head of News, Channel i, added: “Channel i is Bangladesh’s leading private satellite TV, and has been partnering for quite a long time with the BBC – first to bring our viewers BBC Sanglap and then to produce together BBC Probaho.

"This new expansion of the BBC TV offer on our channel is an excellent development as BBC Probaho will be restyled with more inside stories, while Click will also draw the attention of the young audience.

"The Bangladeshi audience will certainly discover diversity in these two TV shows, and I look forward to the success of our collaboration.”

Click will be broadcast by Channel i at 18.00 local time (12.00 GMT) on Saturdays.

BBC Probaho will be broadcast at 21.35 in Bangladesh (15.35 GMT) every Monday and Thursday.

The programmes also will be available on the website and the BBC Bangla channel on YouTube.

BBC News Bangla is part of the BBC World Service. The expansion of the BBC Bangla TV offer is part of the major enhancement which is underway across the BBC World Service, funded through a £291m grant from the UK Government.