An Egyptian woman has filed for a divorce from her husband because he wears 'cheap clothes.'

According to news website Masrawy, the family of the woman initially rejected the proposal from the man as he did not fit into their social circle.

According to Masrawy, the woman said, "I defied everyone to marry him.

When he proposed, I set my rules and told him he had to change his appearance and the way he dressed in order for my family to accept him and he agreed.

When my family saw that he was changing for the better, they blessed our marriage and even attended our wedding.

"However, after we got married, he went back to his old ways. He constantly says inappropriate things, his voice is so loud and his appearance is unacceptable.

"Everyone makes fun of him. My father even jokes about his weird outfits and how he wears a cheap ‘gallabiya.’"

Before filing for divorce, the woman asked her husband to change his sartorial style.

"I asked him to buy expensive clothes and brands, but he refused saying there’s nothing wrong with what he wears.

"A fight ensued between us and I left to my parent’s house soon after. Even though my father asked him to divorce me, my husband refused and threatened that he’ll take a second wife if I refuse to go back home. He left me no choice but to file a divorce case against him."