An Egyptian woman who has only been married for two weeks is seeking a divorce claiming that her new husband is too ‘busy’ doing household chores.

According to news website Masrawy, Samar M. who is 28-years-old said she was ‘bored’ of her husband because he ‘cooks, cleans, sweeps and does the laundry'.

Masrawy reported that Samar told the Family Court in New Cairo that her 31-year-old husband ‘did not give me the freedom to handle my home affairs. I feel like a guest in a hotel'.

She went on to say, "He is the woman of the house and I’m hating my life with him.

"We’ve been only married for two weeks and he is either cooking or doing the laundry because he knows how to sort the washable clothes by colour.

"He then irons the clothes, sweeps, and arranges the food in the fridge.

‘He would prepare a meal overnight if it needs so that he does not spend much time on it the next day.’