A takeaway worker was subjected to a barrage of racist abuse late at night in Preston.

The video which was sent to Asian Image allegedly shows a man shouting obscenities at the worker and despite being told that the police are coming he continues to abuse the worker.

The incident happened at the Milano's takeaway based on Corporation Street in Preston. The worker says he called the police. They arrived  quickly but claims nothing has been done and no one has been in touch since the incident.

The worker can be heard attempting to calm the customer down after being sworn at repetitively. The customer appears to be intoxicated but claims he is as 'sobre as a judge'.

The worker is heard  saying, "You're f***ing drinking too much. Calm down, be normal and then I'll talk to you. I think you should leave this place."

The customer then responded, "Pakistan is a terrorist state. This is my country, not yours."

The owner replied, "It doesn't matter if it's your country. You're racist. I'm telling you nicely to get out of here because you're drunk."

The customer goes on to challenge the owner to a fight outside the takeaway.

The customer shouts, "You can't even speak English. I speak perfect English.

"Why are you here? You're in my country.

"My grandparents they go to India and rape your country and rape your women.

"Why are you here when we rape your women?"

At this point the owner says he is going to call the police.

The customer responds by saying,

“Israel will come and rape your women. You Muslim c***."

The man goes on to mock the bhangra dance before leaving the venue.

Speaking to Asian Image today the takeaway worker Abbas Mureed said, “It happened at around 2am on Monday.

“He came in ordered a pizza and wanted to discuss history. I told him I don’t want to discuss anything and he just should take his food and leave.

“Then things got more heated and then I started recording the incident. It was shocking and I was telling him to leave.

“I tried to keep my cool but I had to swear back at him. I am just doing my job but  I'm not going to stand there and take that. He started talking about raping our women and that is when I lose my calm.”

He says the police did arrive but they went looking for him but he had disappeared.  He said he has seen the man at a nearby takeaway since.

Ali Amla, Outreach Manager Tell Mama has seen the footage and was asked to comment on it.  He said, "I'm shocked by this racial abuse. I hope that the police will be treating this very seriously. 

"Tell Mama has found that men working in the night time economy such as takeaways, restaurants and taxi drivers face a disproportionate number of racist and anti-Muslim attacks. 

"Unfortunately due to the high frequency of incidents there is a reluctance to report. Many are often verbally abused 40 or 50 times in a night.

“We should not tolerate abuse and hate and I encourage victims to report through our app, our website www.tellmamauk.org. You can also call us on 0800 456 1226."