Here is the first look at the upcoming BBC Two drama 'The Boy With The Topknot'.

The drama is based on the critically acclaimed memoirs of journalist Sathnam Sanghera and stars Sacha Dhawan.

Joanna Vanderham will play the role of his girlfriend Laura and the drama which is adapted by adapted by Mick Ford, also features Anupam Kher, Deepti Naval and Kiran Sonia Sawar.

Born to Punjabi parents in the West Midlands, Sathnam Sanghera's book is his account of his childhood in 1980s Wolverhampton, and facing up to a bunch of painful family secrets and truths in his twenties - not least that his father and sister had suffered from schizophrenia - and that he was going to defy expectations of an arranged marriage.

Speaking earlier in the year Sacha said, “After reading Sathnam's memoir; The Boy With The Topknot, I was so excited to hear that BBC, Kudos and Parti Productions were adapting it.

"Not only is it a beautiful story, but it's also funny and immensely moving. I feel incredibly proud to be playing Sathnam, and look forward to telling a story, which has already touched so many people.”

Nisha Parti, Parti Productions Executive Producer, said: “After a long and tough journey I am so grateful of the support from Kudos and to the BBC for greenlighting this film and taking the risk in allowing me to tell this difficult, emotional and relevant story.

"I hope it will speak to many second generation Asians who grew up without access to films like this, but hope it will resonate more widely. I am so thrilled to have assembled such a talented cast with both new and exciting British Asian talent working alongside such established actors that I grew up admiring.”

Diederick Santer, Executive Producer for Kudos, said, “Sathnam’s candid memoir is hilarious and heart-rending in equal measure. Mick's emotional adaptation paints an authentic portrait of an everyday family, capturing how they work, love and fight like any other, and how they learn how to live with mental illness.

"With our brilliant cast and crew in place, I believe we're all set to deliver something truly fresh and uproariously life-affirming for BBC audiences to enjoy.”