A goat in Uttar Pradesh, India was found to have eaten 62,000 rupees in notes, approximately £728.

Farmer Sarvesh Kumar Pal, from Siluapur village in Kannauj, left the money in the pocket of his trousers as he went to take a bath.

Unbeknownst to him, his hungry goat found the money and chewed on the notes.

Pal had intended to purchase bricks with the money in his pocket.

Speaking to News18, Pal said, “By the time I could spot the goat eating notes from my trouser pocket, it was too late. Almost all the notes were chewed by the goat. Only one Rs 2000 note was left and that too was half chewed.”

Pal revealed many villagers demanded that the goat be handed over to the police.

Pal told the Times of India, “Some even suggested to take the goat to veterinarians and get some medicines to make the animal vomit and recover the lost money. Many asked me to sell the goat to a butcher as it has brought misfortune to us."