Indian Woman who looked “like a maid” asked to leave golf club A golf club in Delhi has issued an apology after its staff told a guest to leave saying that she looked "like a maid."

According to the Times of India, Tailin Lyngdoh was wearing a traditional north-eastern Indian outfit when she attended the elite club with her employer Dr Nivedita Barthakur Sondhi.

The staff reportedly asked Ms Lyngdoh to leave because they said she looked "like a maid."

Speaking to the Times of India, Dr Sondhi said, "Around 10-15 minutes after we arrived, the manager, Ajit Pal, accompanied by a woman, asked Ms Lyngdoh to leave the table and the room.

"When I asked them the reason, they said she looks like a maid.

“I asked them how they concluded that?

“They said she looks different, dresses like a servant and looks like a Nepalese. That was so humiliating. I wasn't ready to accept such discrimination.”

Dr Sondhi added, “They were insulting a traditional dress of an Indian citizen. I also argued that her profession is immaterial as she has been invited as a guest by a member."

Following the incident, the club said in a statement, "We have sought an explanation from the staff and disciplinary action is in process.

"An apology has been made to the member who had brought the guest.