A new book written from a child’s perspective explores the subject of divorce.

‘Ramadan Without Daddy’ is the debut novel of single mother of four, Misbah Akhtar.

The fictional book looks at how a single parent family copes with the issue of divorce from an Islamic perspective and how it affects the whole family including children.

Misbah, who is also the founder of Single Muslim Mums and editor-in-chief of Mumspiration, said: “Explaining divorce to children isn’t easy. We forget how little minds struggle to process adult concepts and how confusing it can be for them.

“This book was an opportunity for me to see the world once again through a child’s eyes.

“My children have read the book and they have been very supportive. They love the simplicity with which divorce is explained and my eldest asked why I hadn’t explained it that well in the first place!”

This unique story, written in just one day, is told from the perspective of Khadija and embodies the themes of love, courage, hope and acceptance.

Misbah added: “I would love to tackle similar issues that affect the Muslim and Asian community in a sensitive manner from a child’s perspective.

“I would like to explore the concept of single parent families further and look at how it affects men and women differently in order to promote awareness.”

‘Ramadan Without Daddy’ is published by Djarabikitabs.com and is available on Amazon goo.gl/NknM0K for £3.89.