In the immediate aftermath of a terror incident there is the almost familiar rhetoric about how Muslims must do more to condemn the attacks.

This follows with discussion about our security and how more needs to be done to keep the streets safe.

There is also now an all too familiar number of people, and I have to say they are growing in number, who firmly believe that the terror attacks are staged.

Now, I am not singling out just Muslims here but also non-Muslims who will share their thoughts on these things and claim these attacks are staged to instill fear into the population.

This weekend we saw another act of barbarity, this time on the streets of London.

Seven dead and more injured in what can be described as nothing short of cold blooded murder.

With it being Ramadan we are quick to share as many videos of a religious nature with our fellow Muslims.

But within a day of the attack I was once again receiving videos and messages from people many of whom I would actually call intelligent about how the attack was again staged.

The attack was carried out to continue the narrative that Muslims are dangerous and make sure the general population was kept in a constant state of fear.

But it does not stop there. Following the Manchester attack people questioned how bomber Salman Abedi was allowed to commit this crime despite him being reported to the authorities.

This is understandable.

When in conversation with some Muslims I was told how the attack had been orchestrated just those before this one and the one before this.

This might seem preposterous to some folk but others firmly believe that no person would carry out this attack and either the authorities allowed this happen or the bomber was a ‘patsy.’ He was carrying out a dummy run for some shadowy powers not knowing he would be killed in the process.

Social media has made this even more apparent and your timeline can be filled with messages and posts ranging from the idea that the Prime Minister wanted to boost ratings to the 'undeniable fact' that this was another false flag event. Essentially covert operations designed to deflect operations.

Sorry, but if you attempt to respond to such ideas then you are yourself accused of not knowing how far this system will go to keep Muslims in the news.

We know that British, American and Russian fighter jets do sometimes kill civilians in Syria and Iraq, therefore, we must also face the fact that people who are inspired by their religion do kill innocent civilians.

They do kill without prejudice and do not care if the victims are Muslim or non-Muslim.

Face the facts.