Akil Desai collected the much coveted Supreme Dream Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the 2017 Fusion Awards.

What began as a relatively small enterprise has been transformed into one of the leading retailers in its field.

Jubbas.com as it is now known was established by Akil Desai and was a rebranding of the family firm Desai Brothers first opened twenty years ago in 1997.

In 2012 the website Jubbas.com was launched selling Islamic wear and the company soon found a demand for the garments. Akil was amongst a new brand of entrepreneurs re-inventing Islamic related products and designs.

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Akil was presented the award by model Zaf Shabir

His idea was to supply Islamic wear for a growing generation of young people who wanted to wear the latest fashions but at the same time dress modestly.

The ‘One-stop Islamic shop’ as it is described also stocks perfumes, Islamic gifts, health products, children’s clothes, frames, ornaments and accessories.

From one small shop in Blackburn, new stores followed in Bolton and London.

Whilst the company is based in the UK, Jubbas.com products are bought by customers across the world with demand in the USA, South Africa, Australia and Singapore.

Two factories in India and Indonesia now manufacture the company’s brands Al-Imaan by Jubbas and Al-Noor producing 25,000 items in eighteen different styles.

They also provide bespoke tailor-made Jubbahs for occasionwear for the UK market.

Jubbas.com caters for school madrassas uniform which is tailored according to specific schools and their products are supplied to over 50 other retailers in the UK.

The company recently announced a merger with Al Noor, one of the biggest brands in Saudi Arabia.

Akil said, "All thanks goes to my parents. This was their dream. We want to keep moving forward and carry on their dream and make it a great success."