Fusion 2017 will be supporting the international humanitarian charity Penny Appeal.

Penny Appeal has transformed countless number of lives and empowered communities with their simple vision: They take your small change and make a big difference.

Penny Appeal, a twice Guinness World Record holder, works closely with celebrity endorsed charities such as the Amir Khan Foundation and globally renowned institutions in the UK to help fight against poverty. 

The charity also works in over 30 crisis-hit countries across the world to provide poverty relief, including emergency aid, orphan care and water solutions, to help create a pathway out of poverty.

The charity’s staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that the lives of others are made better. By helping in small ways, they can strengthen communities making them a better place to live and work.

In the UK, Penny Appeal helps people in vulnerable communities, families and individuals.

They provide hot meals for the homeless and less affluent people, they distribute food parcels, especially in areas facing emergency such as floods and they distribute care packs to the homeless, helping to make their situation a little easier.

There are many children in care in the UK, children who have lost parents through not just natural causes but famine and war. 

Whether these children were born in Britain or arrived as refugees, every one of them deserves a loving home. 

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At Penny Appeal, they have responded by setting up a Fostering and Adoption Programme to help ensure that these vulnerable children receive the care they deserve.

Across the world people need help. The serious drought in East Africa is now causing famine and as many as three children die every minute from drinking dirty water. Communities have lost their crops and their livestock and urgently need water.

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Penny Appeal’s programme Thirst Relief, helps these communities by building wells that cost from as little as £300, to provide fresh clean water for drinking but also to grow crops and water animals. Thousands of lives can be saved for such a small amount of cash.

Penny Appeal saves lives – they need your help. Will you offer your small change to help make a big difference?