A humanitarian artist is headlining the International Seas Conference in Greece this year with her art installation which tackles the ongoing controversial issue of migration and refugees.
Salma Zulfiqar has witnessed the impact migration is having in different continents around the world and is using her artwork to highlight the importance of migrants in our communities.

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Taking an Art Class 

Working closely with Arts in the Yard alongside the equalities charity Brap  exhibitions and debates will also be organised in the UK to promote integration of migrants from disadvantaged communities as part of this art project.
She said, ''Migrants and refugees face huge challenges in moving from one country to the next. Their  hunger for survival makes them strive and thats why they make important contributions in our societies.
''I’ve met Somalis who've lost their loved ones while crossing shark infested waters and migrants who've endured horrendous journeys in freezing conditions to cross borders. But once they arrive, they work hard and strive to succeed no matter what."
Salma Zulfiqar will create the artwork representing the six continents of the world and will be leading a masterclass in Greece in May, 2017, entitled 'Building peace across the Oceans’ - it will focus on Migration and its relationship with the Oceans. A debate on migration will also be held with migrants, the local community and local authorities.
The Masterclass and her Art installation will feature in the international SEAS conference taking place at The Ionion Arts & Cultural Centre, Kefelonia in Greece.

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Amazonia Waterfall and Satellite Sahara (Images courtesy Salma Zulfiqar)

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Salma Zulfiqar has travelled to many countries including Yemen, Syria, Kenya, Chad, Cameroon, Egypt and Bangladesh to cover under reported humanitarian issues, which have greatly influenced her work as an artist. 

She has worked and lived in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chad, Kenya, the UAE and Turkey. 

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Salma, also a consultant for the United Nations, uses art as a vehicle to raise awareness of humanitarian issues. Her last art collection called Shimmering Climates was on the issue of climate change. 

She was born and brought up in Birmingham, UK, and lives between the UK and Paris.