A volunteer and charity worker is leaving on Christmas Day to help refugees on the Syrian border with Turkey.

This will be Shazad Shauket's SIXTH visit this year to help refugees. 

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Shazad has raised £3,000 and this time he will be distributing the aid to families affected by the ongoing war in Syria.  In the past he has been part of missions to support refugees in Europe.

He said, “Previously I have travelled with friends. 

“Now that I know people there who have local knowledge and fluent in Arabic language it makes life a lot easier to identify those who need help and communicate with them in finding out what help they need 

“I'll be going to the Syrian border in Turkey visiting refugee families mainly widows with young children also orphanages.

“This time we are in the middle of winter I would say help is really needed to keep families warm and fed.”

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He said the hardest part was seeing the conditions many people have to endure, “It is difficult seeing with your own eyes how people live. The conditions they live in and even harder when you hear about their experiences in Syria and how they travelled to safety.

"You want to help more but don't have the funds to do so.

“There are so many Syrian refugees who have fled their homeland to seek refuge in Turkey. 

“I have previously visited Adana where we helped 15 widows who had young children and were really struggling to make ends meet. 

“Some of the children as young as 9 had to go out to the streets to work to help their families survive. 

“We were able to pay for a years rent for a number of families and also helped buy furniture for others. 

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He added, “I'd like to thank all those who have kindly donated. This is my sixth trip since February and some people have donated each time I have been.”

If anyone can assist Shazad with donations or can help in any other way they can call 07745 527786.