A teenager was spotted dealing drugs after leaving straight from prayers at his mosque.

Ahmad Bhana, aged 19, of Hopefield Street, Daubhill, made £110,000 supplying heroin and crack cocaine on the streets of Bolton.

The figure was revealed at Bolton Crown Court when a judge heard an application from prosecutors to seize the proceeds of the student's crimes.

The former Bolton Community College A-level student committed the offences while taking a year out from studying before applying to university to take a law degree.

In April, Bhana was jailed for six years and eight months after admitting supplying drugs.

The action was bought by the Crown Prosecution Service under the Proceeds of Crime Act, which allows criminals' assets to be stripped away.

The court heard that Bhana had made total profits of £110,734.56 from drug dealing.

But only £3,622 of the money could be recovered from him.

The money had been seized from Bhana's home by police.

Judge Lesley Newton imposed an order that the money be paid into the court within three months.

Fifteen mobile phones used by Bhana to commit drugs offences are also to be forfeited.

An order to destroy drugs uncovered by police - on Bhana's person and in a search of his home - was also put in place.

Tony Wood, financial investigator for Greater Manchester Police's Bolton division, said: "This is another example of how the Proceeds of Crime Act can target drug dealers even after they have been convicted of their drug offences.

"We can strip away their assets and the fruits of their criminality. This £110,000 will be hanging over Bhana's head for the rest of his life.

Bhana had started dealing to fund his own cannabis and cocaine habit. He was caught dealing drugs and bailed on two occasions.

He was arrested a final time as part of a police anti-drugs operation, codenamed Hercules.

In a one-month period last year, Bhana sold crack cocaine to undercover officers six times, once going straight from prayers at his mosque to sell the drugs.

As Operation Hercules ended, a search warrant was issued for officers to search his home, where thousands of pounds worth of drugs were found stashed in the kitchen and bedroom.

He pleaded guilty at Bolton Crown Court, in April, to supplying heroin and crack cocaine, possession with intent to supply class A drugs and possessio