A man who set out to visit all seven wonders of the modern world 9 years ago has completed his challenge.

Yusuf Lambat began his journey back in March 2007 when he visited India with his family and toured the famous Taj Mahal.

A few years later he headed off to Rome with his partner, where he visited the famous Colosseum.

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Then the same year he visited "Petra" in Jordan.

He said, "When I graduated I visited Mexico (Cancun) with my friends and headed off to see the Mayan temple in Chichen Itza."

Two years later he was off to Machu Pichu in Peru and completed the Inca trial.

"A year later I did the Great Wall of China with the charity group Human Appeal to help raise funds for the supply of clean water in Gaza."

Yusuf who runs the popular Melt Dessert Parlour in Blackburn was then planning to visit Brazil during the World Cup.

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He said, "The football World Cup came along but something came up in the family. 

"Then another opportunity came up - the Rio Olympics 2016.

"The journey for the Olympics started in 2014, when I first started applying as a volunteer.
"I got accepted early this year and as an Olympic volunteer my job was to assist taking part in Sailing, where I had to make sure the athletes were all ready to compete."

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He added, "It was an awesome experience and I met some lovely people from all around the world. 

"The days I was not working I went out touring the country and that's when I completed my seventh wonder of the modern world challenge by seeing the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio.

"I was so delighted to have completed the challenge at a young age and it has been an amazing experience and achievement in my life. 

"It's something I can tell future generations.

"I also had the chance to watch Brazil play football, volleyball and I also travelled to Argentina and Paraguay."

He urged more people to travel more, "Travelling opens your mind, you see and meet other cultures and how they live and what they eat."

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