The battle for hearts and minds has moved online. And some imams and religious commentators have taken advantage of social media.
Here, are some of the most active users on Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. 

Mufti Ismail Menk 
Mufti Menk is a prolific online user. And with such a hefty following, it is no wonder he maintains a presence online. On Twitter he has over 821,000 followers and his Facebook page boasts over 1million likes. On Instagram, Mufti Menk has 356,000 followers.
His motivational updates and liberal approach to teaching certainly resonate with the masses, although he was once reportedly attacked for his religious stance by one group of men. 

Nouman Ali Khan
His amiable manner and pragmatic approach has made Nouman a hit not only with the younger generation, but also with an older demographic. He has over 1.8million likes on his Facebook page and 206,000 followers on Twitter. The affable nature of his talks sees him addressing practical issues like dating, marriage and in-laws, making his appeal one that most definitely resonates with a huge audience.

Yasir Qadhi
Dr Yasir Qadhi is the Dean of Academic Affairs at the Al-Maghrib Institute. Dr Qadhi who lives in Memphis was described by the New York Times Magazine in 2011 as “one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam.”
He has 246,000 followers on Twitter as well as a large audience on Snapchat.
His snaps are good humoured and full of zest for Islam

On Snapchat, Mufti Abu Layth states in his bio,  #WhatsLifeWithoutHumour. With his distinct hairstyle and gym attire, he shares humorous and engaging snaps. As well as being a fitness buff, Mufti Abu Layth, who hails from Birmingham, poses interesting questions about Islam followed by thorough answers.

Hussain Anwar 
Hussain Anwar who hails from Bolton has an extensive following on Snapchat and over 67,000 followers on Twitter.
His snaps are charismatic as he records his daily routine in Ramadan.
His daily tweets and Quran recitations on his YouTube channel are inspiring, particularly for a younger audience. What makes Hussain particularly engaging is how he looks to reach out to ordinary British Muslims.

Suhaib Webb
This American Muslim scholar can be found on Snapchat and delivers eight second sermons. His updates are delivered with modern analogies. His snaps are engaging which see him addressing personal questions from female Muslims.
He has been vilified by ISIS for the nature of his lectures to which Imam Webb responded: “It’s an honour to be denounced by ISIS. I consider it one of my greatest accomplishments in life. “It has only reinvigorated me to provide the antivenom to the poison of ISIS.”
But he has courted controversy though and some have boycotted his lectures for his stance on certain issues.

Imam Marc
Marc Manley is an American who converted to Islam at the age of 19. He is the Muslim Chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania and is the Religious Director at the Middle Ground Muslim Center in Upland, California. 
He has a busy Snapchat feed. He shares relevant hadiths, even if they are when he is driving (tut tut). Imam Marc has a very practical approach to giving dawaa with daily reflections during Ramadan.