The English Defence League’s (EDL) claims that Preston’s Deepdale is a ‘no-go’ area has been ridiculed in a video.

The far-right group has announced plans to hold another demonstration in the city next month.

In a statement the group said it was holding the protest in response to among other things, Community centres for only one community, Halal food being insinuated, often unlabelled (spelt wrongly in the statement) and No go areas like Preston’s Deepdale.

The EDL will hold the protest in Preston on Saturday 20 February.

But Umar Ayub decided to produce a short video about how non-Muslims were more than welcome to Deepdale.

In the video Umar and friend Robin Maudsley who has lived in the area for 42 years are a little surprised that Deepdale has been classed as a no-go area.

The video has already been shared widely on social media and WhatsApp.

Facebook users were quick to commend the duo for their video. Shaun Byrne said, "I'm guessing that few of these EDL members have ever set foot in preston. I'm Preston born and bred and have never encountered any no go zones whatsoever."

Sohail Nawaz said, "Brilliant job young man! Your Dad would of been sooo proud."

Amanat Khan said, "Umar, the "muslim pub" idea could be a winner. Enjoyed the vlog."

Waqas Ahmed said, "Haha this was what was needed someone to state the obvious and mock this ridiculous accusation."

Paul Flanagan said, "Glorious Umar, all power to you. Saw this on my timeline and recognised you immediately. Brilliant!"

Dave Rudderham said, "I broke down in Deepdale about 3 years ago. The most extreme things I encountered there was the ratchet spanner a Muslim gentleman lent me to help fix my car and the tea supplied by his charming wife."

Elizabeth Alice Rose Fedor said, "If they wanna march on our turf then we can match right back! I'm a white English girl and I've lived in Preston all my life (23 years!) and I can say just how wrong the EDL are!"

Parvez Iqbal said, "Nice one. How does somebody protest in a no go area you know what I mean. This is England and not america."


Earlier unrelated to this video a statement a Preston Unity Statement was released signed by a wide range of organisations.

It read, “The people of Preston are saddened that the far right has chosen to come to our city to express views which we consider to be hateful and divisive to all our communities.

“As proud citizens of Preston we totally reject the bigoted views of the EDL and express our strong opposition to this proposed demonstration. We are confident that the vast majority of Prestonians want these people to stay away.

“Lancashire has had to endure many such demonstrations over the years, all of which have proved to be counterproductive. This is totally unacceptable and has a detrimental effect on the lives of each and every member of our community.

“Preston is a multicultural and multi-Faith city, with a proud history of tolerance, respect and community cohesiveness. Our communities live peacefully together, work together and socialise together. We celebrate our unity and call on all to continue to foster good relations between our different communities.”