This is just one of the stunning pieces displayed by Lancashire artist Shahida Ahmed in an exhibition at Sharjah Museum.

It was formerly opened by HRH Sultan bin Muhammad Al- Qassemi and the Crown Prince of Sharjah.

The theme of the exhibition was light. Shahida made two new installations which were specifically designed based on the theme of the exhibition.

The first installation was made up of 609 individual Equilateral triangles creating a geometric pattern. Once the art works were placed in the exhibition space, the viewing party were required to walk 360 degrees around the piece in order to capture the different colours and tangles as the artist had cleverly developed a multifaceted, multi dimensional art piece that was fluid, changing beautifully during rotation.

The second art piece was made of laser cut acrylic and LED lights. The installation had 7 layers of 14 cubes which were put together to create a geometric flower.