If Willy Wonka was Asian he would have invented a chocolate bar that summed up the flavours  of East Asia.  He wasn't, and he didn't.  

But those cheeky chaps over at Duke of Delhi have. 

This is no ordinary chocolate, it's a taste sensation that unlocks hidden treasures of flavour from my childhood,  that knocks you off your feet and back into the sofa cuddling teddy and watching Pigeon Street. 

The Duke of Delhi chocolates are a clever fusion of Bombay mix, chocolate and a delicate infusion of spices and tastes. 

The range includes milk chocolate with cardamom and vanilla, dark chocolate and lime, milk chocolate and orange,  dark chocolate, and milk chocolate and Indian cinnamon. 

My personal favourite is the milk chocolate with cardamom and vanilla infusion. the subtle flavour of the cardamom softly transported me back to a time when my mum used to make Seviyaan (vermicelli pudding) with cardamom flavoured milk, and laced with juicy sultanas for breakfast on Sunday mornings, just before Sunday school. 

As you bite into the soft chocolate your mouth gets bombarded with the bomaby mix which in turn, gives way  takes you back on a journey to a spicer part of the world. 

Duke of Delhi range is available in Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges & co, Fenwick and other cool stores and boutique shops across the UK and available online at www.dukeofdelhi.co.uk.